Join NRURS and become a Referee

Why become a Referee & join NRURS :-

   Perhaps you've decided that your playing days are over due to injury, work or retirement; maybe you've decided you'd like to work towards a career in professional sport or to make new and lasting friends within the game, or to gain a sense of achievement by providing an invaluable service to the sport and local community.


   Our membership is open to everyone interested in officiating the game of Rugby Union. Whatever your ambitions are, from refereeing once a month to running out at Twickenham, we look forward to welcoming you to Norfolk.

   Once you get going, you don’t have to commit to every weekend and can push yourself as much or as little as you want. The society is here to support you on your refereeing adventure.

   Whatever the reason, refereeing is challenging, rewarding and above all, can be great fun; not forgetting rugby's great social aspect with spectators, players, coaches & fellow officials.


First steps in becoming a Referee is :-


What benefits will I get from joining NRURS :-

  • After completing your first Norfolk appointment we will arrange supplying you with the full society kit (shirt, shorts and socks).

  • After completing 5 adult appointments we will refund you the cost of the ERRA course.

  • Monthly training sessions on improving your development to progress up the levels towards the professional level.

  • Access to society coaches and assessors who will be appointed to games to help promote your strengths & encourage your development.

Joining the Society :-

  • Provide evidence that you have completed :-

    • RFU Headcase e-learning module

    • World Rugby laws exam

    • Day 1 of ERRA.

  • Sign up to our society through Whos The Ref -

   We will then contact you and begin getting to know your officiating goals and help get you started on you pathway.